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Glassbox Plus Architects is among one of the best architects in LucknowSTORY BEHIND OUR SUCCESS

We Design House for those who need a beautiful place to live in. who need better space for their homes.

Who We Are

Glassbox Plus Architects: Architectural design studio by Architect Prabhat Kumar
Our architectural firms work on construction projects on House design and Commerical. Glassbox Plus Design Studio provides architecture guidance in construction in Lucknow. We offer 3d interior design for Bungalow design, villa design, and apartment. Architectural Drawings like house plan Approval Drawings for development authority, house estimate for the bank. Foundation details, plinth beam , etc these drawings help a general contractor start with the project.

Studio Offers Architectural And Interior Services For Residential House Plan, Simplex House Plan, Bungalow Design, Villa Design, Apartment Design, Commercial Design such As School, Shopping Mall Complex, Town Planning, Township Plotting. Structural Details for Residential and Commercial Buildings Browse Thought To Learn More about Architect Services in Lucknow

Our Exclusive Architectural Services

We provide architectural and engineering design services in Lucknow. as an architect in Lucknow, we know the problem faced by homeowners on how to start their project. we provide guidance and detailed drawings for your project.

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Residential Design

Industrial Architecture

Commercial Architecture

Hospitality Architecture


Interior Design

Our Collection of House Plans and Designs

house design by an architect Ar.Prabhat kumar in PGI,Lucknow

Are you looking for a customized modern floor plan of your plot size and plot dimensions in Lucknow?

Glassbox plus Architects following services for your house:

1.Modern house floor plans.

2.Detailed Architectural floor plan for your modern house.

You can Drop email at

or Contact 6394655226 

D193 South City, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.


Landscape Design

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Town Planning

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Develop Your Budget range! 

Why is this important we know you want to dive right into the design of a custom house plan but the one most important thing yet you need to do before anything is know how much your house should cost first and foremost expect a range what do we mean by this so a lot of people go into this process and how much their house is going to cost or something pretty close to that that's my friends we're sorry to say but it is not realistic at this point in time because you don't know what you're building you don't have a set of plans and there are just too many unknowns but that's okay that's normal what you do want to know though is what your budget range should be so you should have a low to high range of how much of your custom home could potentially cost talk to experts 

Experts that can help you with this are a custom home design such as Glassbox Plus Architects.

Cost per Sqft in Lucknow:

Medium Quality Work Starts With Rs1350/sqft in Lucknow. For example. Your house area is 1000sqft then house construction cost will be Area x Rate= Rs13,50,000.

Know What You Can Build!

So this particular step talks about what you can actually build on your land so regardless of what you want to build on your land every single city that you want to build in has what is called a municipal zoning bylaw Such as Lucknow Development Authority in Lucknow (LDA) or some iteration of it what this means is that the city will dictate what you can and cannot build on that law so obviously that is very important for you to know first and foremost you can go and visit your city's planning department so you can either go there in person or call.

Document your wishlist! 

There are so many different details to a design of a custom home what's smart is to sit down and start documenting all of these details as you find them because we guarantee you you will not be able to remember all these things in your first meeting with your designer or your builder so you want a collection point for all of this information so there are two parts to this so the first part is all the photographs and everything like that that maybe you found online maybe you have photos of actual houses in your neighbourhood whatever that looks like take all these photos the second thing is the wishlist! so the wishlist is you writing down what it is that you want so we always like to tell people you know put it on your phone you always have your phone with you so if you think of something randomly as your grocery shopping or in the middle of the night you can pull out your phone and basically just add that to your wishlist this will come in handy. 

Vastu Shastra Consultancy


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Lucknow is developing faster and people are investing more on a property to build their dream house.

Cost of Building a house in Lucknow depends on certain factors that are listed below:


Architect fees in Lucknow

( Sq-ft Based | Percentage Based | As per norms )

Hiring an architect is the first step closer to your dream house. An architect will guide through the construction process and making floor plans for building such as Plinth details, Column layout, Foundation plans, door windows schedule, etc. before hiring an architect is a better owner of the property should ask his/her previous work to have a clear idea of how owner work will be presented.

Points to be Considering While Working With an Architect:

1.Scope of Work by an architect for the Project.

2.Valid licence from Coa, India.

3.fee structure as per COA norms.

Approval from Development Authority:

Fees varies. (Approval Drawing made by an Architect)

Approval form Development Authority consist of Working drawing with Estimate as per norms, building bye-laws are strictly followed. Fees are based upon the area you have covered for Lucknow LDA(Lucknow Development Authority ), Awas Viskas is the Development Authority, Lucknow industrial development Authority One should check all the documents are covered for the Process and consult with an architect if any quires while process.

Hiring a Contractor in Lucknow:

Hiring a Contractor is the third Step in house construction. now you have map approval from development authority you can start with construction. while hiring a Contractor a Proper construction Agreement is made and signed by both parties.whereas the first party is the owner and second party is the contractor or as per agreement.

Fees of a Contractor start with labor rate cost 170/sqft to 230/sqft depending on area and type of building that is been made.a A good contractor will charge near-about 180/sqft to 190/sqft. This work doesn't include any construction materials only labour and labour equipment are being covered in this agreement. work such as civil work and shuttering and lohar are being included in this.


Temporarily Electricity Connection And water Connection for Construction.

a temporarily electricity and water connection is must for the construction work.this can be obtained by the authority of your locality


Electrician Work And Plumber Work

An electrician is called upon in the shuttering stage of the construction to lay electrical pipes.and when the shuttering is removed after the roof work is completed.they start installing the rest of the electrical pipe in the house. A plumber is also called upon when shuttering is being layed.

Electrical work starts with Rs10/sqft

and Plumber Work starts with Rs7000-8500 per bathroom and rs 4000-5000 per kitchen in house construction.


Finish and Painting Work, Carpenter Work.

Now the building is ready for painting work. painting work is lump-sump based and carpenter work in Lucknow as per 150-250/sq ft in case of wardrobe

3d elevation design.png


Glassbox Plus Architects Studio guiding individuals to understand their dreams and make stunning homes that are practical, very habitable and respect the surroundings. We have a tendency to believe that great design transcends vogue and trend, and is both modern and unchanged.

Our studio recognised in Architectural, Interior design, contemporary design, Residential, Urban design, planning Services and Technical expertise from complicated to large-scale complex.

We create an amazing design that is both visually beautiful and well practical in forms of projects including residential, interiors, master planning, and remodelling. We have a tendency to believe designing for the future generation in green and sustainable to scale back carbon footprint. Architecture 2030 is our goal to design an energy-efficient building.

As an architectural studio. Our team of professional architects is devoted to making a design that strives for “excellence”.

We have a tendency to follow an integrated style process that carefully considers every side of your project, from conception to construction. And includes your input from start to complete. It’s, however, we have a tendency to provide you with buildings that are better all-around: visionary and purposeful, responsible and impressed.

We create space and atmosphere. We have a tendency to embrace the new, temporal, and experimental with a spirit of innovation at the same time as staying aware of the technical rigours that experimentation needs. We dedicated to delivering superior and sustainable are, buildings and environments that exceed client expectations, make a contribution to human nicely-being and beautify the health of our planet.

Latest Completed Bungalow Project at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

House Plans & Floor Plans :All Floor Plans Are Per Your Budget, The Number of Bedrooms, Required, Plot Direction and Other Spaces.

So, the first thing you need to do when you're looking at space is you need to decide how many bedrooms, bathrooms the home is going to have. as an architect, we know the typical house plan in Lucknow is a 3 bed 2 bath home or a 2, 2.5 with an extra half-bathroom for your guests and stuff like that.  Secondly, you need to have a living area that's easy to work in, live in, play in, host in... You got to have living areas that work for people.So, get your living area size correct. Kitchens sell homes. People love kitchens and bathrooms. Does your kitchen have enough storage space, what is the orientation of the sink? Is it looking out into a living area or is it pushed off into the corner? Are people going to like kitchens sinks pushed off in corners? So have it on an island. As an Architect in Glassbox Plus Architects, we know how to help our clients while designing a house.


One of the best architects in Lucknow. I satisfied with this firm which gives me a lots of options to exceed my work for my residence n commercial works too.The way of execution to there work is really fantastic n time taken will stick on Whether it might be interior work or construction work too .Thank you so much glassbox .Guys please prefer him only for your residence or commercial use .

Shumbham  Gupta via Justdial 

Modern and contemporary residential designer... Happy with their work..

Gaurav Pandey

Furniture with pocket friendly price!!

Needa via Justdial

Best architect in lucknow


I found your quote process extremely helpful as it made me feel comfortable with the quote I had obtained. Yours was remarkably similar which made me feel confident with your process.

Anvi Pathak via Justdial

Best architectural ideas! Ability to be creative and bring insightful ideas to be considered is very impressive. Works within the requested scope and budget!

Shagun Gupta via Justdial

Really very good sense for architecture. True value for those who know to appreciate.

KALPANA via Justdial

Superb architect with intelligent architecture.

astha gaur via Justdial

We tend to believe that great design transcends vogue and trend, and is both modern and unchanged. 

Our studio recognised in Architectural, Interior design, contemporary design, Residential, Urban design, planning Services and Technical expertise from complicated to large-scale complex. 

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