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Ongoing Projects in Lucknow by Glassbox Plus Architects

Daily Updated for Projects Progress in Lucknow


1.Mr. Himanshu Verma Residential Plan First Option Revision Sent Via Whatsapp - Done 

2. Meeting With Mr. Amit Srivastava 11:30 am - 12:30 pm ( On-Going Residental Project near Charna Bhatta Road, Lucknow- Done    

3.Mr. Manjul Site Visit done for Complex Building in Banthra , Lucknow - Done.

4. Mr. Satya Prakash Site Visit Done in ZeemeGarden Township, in Bijnor Road Lucknow.  Done.



1. Mr. Anubhav Srivastava in DLF GARDEN CITY, Lucknow

    Floor Plan 2d Presentation - Completed ( Ground Floor + First Floor + Second Floor )

    File Sent For Submission Drawing for Approval.

2. Mr. Rishab Plot Site Visit done near Gudamba Thana Kursi road Lucknow (03:00 PM)


If you have not planned your home properly, then your budget may be spoiled. Before Starting a Construction proper planning is very important. In your budget

  1. Cost of Land.

  2. Cost of Construction is a major factor.


When you are purchasing land to build a house you should also see the development of that area in the coming 5 years.

Schools, Hospitals, Public Transports, Medical Store should be near the plot. While buying the plot, also see if you require space for a large garden or extra car parking. Generally, Square Feet and Square Meter dimensions are used.

Also, ensure that electricity and water management are available to your plot. You can hire a good lawyer to ensure the seller has ownership of the plot. Be sure to buy the plot in front of you and measurement of the plot in front of you.

verify documents at Land Record Office, Municipality Office and Register Office.Please Ensure Stamp Duty is Paid on the Total Value of Deed of Sale.therefore it becomes a certificate of your legitimate purchase and ownership.

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Total No. Of Projects in January 2020: 23 

Total No. Of Projects in February 2020: 


Glassbox Plus Architects designs house according to your requirements.

  • The architect sees the house construction is being built according to his map.

  • The architect makes construction drawing of the house from the foundation to the slab. List of Drawings Required for House Construction in Lucknow.

  • The architect periodically looks at the construction of the house.

  • You can hire the architect of your locality or city. If you need architects in Lucknow, you can contact us.

  • Architect generally quotes their fees on Square feet basis or % on Total cost of construction of the house. For Architect fee in Lucknow. 

  • For ONLINE BUILDING PLAN APPROVAL SYSTEM   - Check Status of your online map Submission by the development authority  

Call us at 6394655226 for House Design in Budget! 

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