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2D Floor Plan

2d Floor Plan Services

What is included in this package?

Our 2D floor plan house design package includes the following:

1. Room dimensions

We provide you with accurate room dimensions in our floor plan design, which helps you to understand how much space you have for each room. This information is essential while planning your interior design.

2. Room tags

Each room in the floor plan design comes with its name and identification number, which helps you to recognize each room and makes it easier for you to refer to them during discussions.

3. Plot dimensions

We provide you with the plot dimensions, which helps you to understand the size of the plot and the area available for construction.

4. North marking

The North marking helps you to understand the orientation of your house, and you can plan your interior design accordingly.

5. Furniture layout

We provide you with a basic furniture layout, which helps you to plan your interior design and helps you to visualize how your furniture will fit into your home.

6. Vastu compliance (if required)

If you require a Vastu compliant house, we can provide you with a floor plan design that is compliant with Vastu principles.

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