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Construction Work by Labour Rate Contract in Lucknow


The most common method for constructing the house is the labour contract method. In this method after the plans are approved, the materials required for construction are purchased and supplied by the owner to a labour contractor, who would be responsible for supplying labour and getting the work done for smooth construction. The owner should purchase building materials in bulk directly from the source or wholesale dealers, to effect purchase economy. Preferences should be given to ISI marked products. 

The labour contractor should quote his rate on per sq. foot or per sq. mtr. basis. At present the rate in and around lucknow is Rs.180/- to Rs.210/- per sq. foot. depending upon the area where the plot is located and the quality of work involved. The rates are lower in areas where cheap labour is available, and near the residence of workers. 
The contractors are mostly good mistries with good experience of job. Some of these are semi-educated and can do the job properly. However, before assigning the work, enquiries regarding their earlier jobs should be made and the quality of work assessed. 


  1. The payments may be in instalments as mentioned below to meet periodical money requirement of the labour contractor. But in no case should excess payment be made. 

  2. Execution of work upto Payment

I) DPC level -15%

2) Door level -10%

3) Roof level -25%

4) External plastering -10%

5) Internal plastering -10%

6) Laying of floors -10%

7) Grinding and polishing of floors -15%

8) Final.after fixing gates etc. -5% 


For example, if the covered area of the house is 500 sq.ft. and the rate quoted by labour contractor is Rs.180 per sq.ft. The charges for providing labour will be Rs.90,000. This can be divided into eight instalments as mentioned above. 


  1. An agreement should be made indicating charges. if any. for open spaces. courtyards. balconies. chajjas. canopy. mumty. godown for keeping cement, chowkidar huts. water tank for storing water for construction. water tank at top of roof for water supply to the house, fixing of glazed tiles, marble or stone slabs. and fixing of gates. railings, boundary walls, etc. 


The contractors may not agree to some of the items mentioned above as included in the rate per sq.ft. given by him. In that case, the rate which will be chargeable should be negotiated and decided in advance to prevent disputes later on. 
The contractor will provide all tools, scaffolding. shuttering and labour and execute work within a time limit fixed in advance. 
The owner will pay for bar binder, rental charges for concrete mixer. vibrators etc.. provide hand pump or water connection for execution of work. He will also provide electricity connection and pay the electrical & water bills. 


  1. There is a separate contractor for wood work. i.e. for frames, doors, windows, show cases etc. 


A separate labour contractor is required for the following services:

i) Sanitary and water supply work.

ii) Electrical wiring and fixing of fittings etc.

iii) Painting, white washing etc. 

labour rate charges in lucknow.png
Cost of Materials.png

If you have not planned your home properly, then your budget may be spoiled. Before Starting a Construction proper planning is very important. In your budget

  1. Cost of Land.

  2. Cost of Construction is a major factor.


When you are purchasing land to build a house you should also see the development of that area in the coming 5 years.

Schools, Hospitals, Public Transports, Medical Store should be near the plot. While buying the plot, also see if you require space for a large garden or extra car parking. Generally, Square Feet and Square Meter dimensions are used.

Also, ensure that electricity and water management are available to your plot. You can hire a good lawyer to ensure the seller has ownership of the plot. Be sure to buy the plot in front of you and measurement of the plot in front of you.

verify documents at Land Record Office, Municipality Office and Register Office.Please Ensure Stamp Duty is Paid on the Total Value of Deed of Sale.therefore it becomes a certificate of your legitimate purchase and ownership.

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Glassbox Plus Architects designs house according to your requirements.

  • The architect sees the house construction is being built according to his map.

  • The architect makes construction drawing of the house from the foundation to the slab. List of Drawings Required for House Construction in Lucknow.

  • The architect periodically looks at the construction of the house.

  • You can hire the architect of your locality or city. If you need architects in Lucknow, you can contact us.

  • Architect generally quotes their fees on Square feet basis or % on Total cost of construction of the house. For Architect fee in Lucknow. 

  • For ONLINE BUILDING PLAN APPROVAL SYSTEM   - Check Status of your online map Submission by the development authority  

Call us at 6394655226 for House Design in Budget! 

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