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32’-10” x 68’-4” House Plan: A Practical and Well-Designed Home by Architect Prabhat kumar

Updated: Apr 2

32’-10” x 68’-4” House Plan: A Practical and Well-Designed Home

Choosing the right floor plan for your home is crucial in ensuring a comfortable and convenient living space. Architect Prabhat Kumar has designed a 3 BHK house plan with 2 car parking, which is perfect for families looking for a practical and well-designed home. This house plan has an area of 2195.64 sq. ft. and features various rooms and spaces that cater to different needs.

Starting with the entrance, the porch measures 17’-7 ½” x 17’-8 ½”, providing ample space for parking and easy access to the front door. The front garden area is 9’-10” wide, adding a touch of greenery to the facade of the home.

Upon entering, the drawing room welcomes you with its spacious dimensions of 13’-4” x 14’-10 ½”. This room is perfect for entertaining guests and can easily accommodate large furniture pieces. The adjacent dining room measures 14’-0”x 16’-8” and has an attached open modular kitchen measuring 7’-5½”x 10’-0”. This layout is perfect for families who love to cook and dine together, as it creates a seamless flow between the dining and kitchen areas.

The dining room also has an attached hand wash area measuring 5’-4”x4’-0” and a common toilet measuring 5’-4”x7’-11”. These amenities provide convenience and accessibility to guests and family members alike.

The house plan also includes a guest room measuring 11’-3”x11’-0”, which is perfect for visiting family and friends. The first master bedroom measures 15’-4”x12’-4” and comes with an attached dress room measuring 6’-0”x5’-0” and a toilet measuring 6’-0”x7’-0”. This master suite offers ample space for relaxation and privacy.

The second master bedroom measures 15’-7½”x14’-0” and comes with an attached dress room measuring 6’-0”x6’-0” and a toilet measuring 9’-0”x6’-0”. This master suite is perfect for families with older children or multiple adults sharing the same living space.

Finally, the house plan includes an o.t.s. measuring 8’-11½”x12’-4½” which is attached to both the first and second master bedrooms. This space can be utilized as a lounge area or a study, providing a comfortable and private space for reading, studying, or working.

In conclusion, the 32’-10” x 68’-4” house plan by Architect Prabhat Kumar is a well-designed and practical home. With its spacious rooms, multiple amenities, and convenient layout, it offers a comfortable and convenient living space for families of all sizes.

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