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Thumb-rule for R.C.C. Column Sizes, R.C.C. Plinth, R.C.C. Floor Beam, R.C.C. Slab Thickness in India

When it comes to constructing buildings, proper planning and adherence to guidelines are crucial. In India, specific guidelines are followed to determine the sizes of R.C.C. (Reinforced Cement Concrete) columns, plinth beams, floor beams, and slab thicknesses. These guidelines ensure the structural integrity and safety of the buildings. In this article, we will explore the guidelines for R.C.C. column sizes, R.C.C. plinth, R.C.C. floor beam, and R.C.C. slab thickness in India.

Minimum Column Sizes for Residential Buildings in India

Columns are vertical structural elements that provide support and stability to the building. The size of the columns depends on various factors, including the number of floors, span, and building type. Here are the minimum column sizes for residential buildings in India:

  1. 9”x12” = 230mm x 300mm

  2. 9”x15” = 230mm x 375mm

  3. 9”x18” = 230mm x 450mm

  4. 9”x21” = 230mm x 525mm

  5. 9”x24” = 230mm x 600mm

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