Residential Design

White House

Residential Design

When you are making a home for yourself for the first time. Then a lot goes on your mind

How should you be the Vastu of the house?

How many sacks(bags) of cement will be used to build a house?

How many TMT bars will it take to build a house?

For all this, you have to look for a good architect.

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Before building a house, you have to decide what your budget is.

A contractor builds houses in Lucknow from 180 to 210 / sqft. At this rate, only the labour work is included and the material is yours. In Lucknow, the construction of the house starts at 1200 / sqft.

Before building a house in Lucknow, you should worship the land and the foundation.


Keeping all the material in the kalash, the face of the kalash should be tied with red cloth and installed in the foundation.

The foundation of a house is the most important stage of building construction. Knowledge of worship and direction is very important in digging the foundation.

After ground worship, foundation excavation should be started from the northeast.

Kalash installation in foundation worship.

On top of a small turtle in foundation worship Silver or copper vase should be installed.

Inside the vase is a pair of silver snakes, four iron nails, five bales of turmeric, 11 betel leaves, 35 basil leaves, 11 earthen lamps, five small-sized implements, coins, flour registers, fruits, coconut, Must keep jaggery, five square stones, honey, janeu, Ram-nam booklet, Panch Ratna, Panch Dhatu

Building a house is not as expensive as people think.

If the house is constructed by planning, it can be cheaper by 10 to 15 percent.

How can we reduce this expense?

Find a good architect in lucknow to do this work first. With this, not only prepare the map but also plan how many items will be required in which stage of the house.

Once this plan is made, you will get an idea of ​​how much brick, cement, rebar, and other items will be used to build the house. This simple sound can give you a big benefit.

Map selection

house Design (map) plays an important role in completing the construction of a house.

Before finalizing the design of the house, ask the architect to make several types of house plans. Then compare one house plan to another


While comparing, see how much the total area of ​​the house plan is and the usable space used.

Modern House

3D Design House Plan

3D design of the house plan can be taken to avoid changes during construction.

3D design map is easily available nowadays and by looking at it you can easily assess the actual condition of your house.

There will also be no need to make changes during construction.