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Luxury House Design in Lucknow - Sample Drawings and Details 

If you are designing a luxury house in Lucknow, then you will have to choose the best architect in Lucknow who designs the house in your budget. By designing the house, you must see the sample drawing of the architect. This you know that the house is also being built according to you.


Concrete Porch
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Let's make ground floor design!


Foyer Room


The foyer room plays a very important role in the design of a modern home in Lucknow.

The foyer room is an area that gives privacy to your drawing-room. You must have seen that you go inside the house and the drawing-room comes. Any person filled with this can look into your drawing-room. Which is not good according to the security.

You can keep the sofa 2 seaters in the foyer.

You can also get a nice interior in the foyer room.

How big should the foyer room be?

Your 2 seater sofa in the foyer room should have a round table and some storage space.
Remember that you are taking entry to your house from the foyer room. There should be double doors in the foyer room. With a good long window.

What color light should be in the foyer room?

Try to install the warm white light in the foyer room.
The foyer room should have comfortable seating for 4 people.

Use the dark color in the foyer room. This makes the room's size appear smaller. Try using the light color.

The height of the foyer room should be 10 feet or 10'5 feet so that the room does not look long from the top.

Porch Area

In today's time, 2 car parking is being made in every house. We will be able to have 2 cars parked on the porch.

Your gate should be 12 feet wide.gate depends on how wide the front road is and what is the turning radius of your car.

Outdoor seating is very important in good porch design.

A porch garden should be in the porch area. Keep the porch a little higher so that there is no more slippery in rainy days

Use grey color texture in the porch area.

Drawing Room

The window should be large in the drawing so that sunlight can come more.

Lucknow: The drawing room in a house is 12 feet by 14 feet. You can tell your architect how many seater sofas you want in the drawing-room so that he can plan space according. A TV unit, corner table is required in the drawing-room. Most people keep a TV in the dining area.

You can apply warm white light or natural white light in the drawing-room.

Drawing room height can be 11feet

Some people use double-height drawing rooms.

Washroom in Porch(outside)

It is necessary to give a washroom outside. Sometimes your driver, or a person outside, have to use the washroom 

Image by Sonnie Hiles
Rustic Dinning Room

Dining Room 

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